DIY with the No Waste Friday bunch! 

Sustainability runs like a thread through e-bloom, but we also sometimes have flowers left at the end of the week. Throwing them away is sin and not sustainable, so we introduced the No Waste Friday bunch. From our own experience we see that the No Waste Friday forest often really does last another week, and that for a very nice price!

What's even more fun about a No Waste Friday bouquet is that you can arrange it yourself to your liking! It's relaxing to arrange your own bouquet on your Friday afternoon or Saturday to suit your style and taste. Or take apart all the flowers of the same species and make nice little mono bouquets. 

Win free flowers with your talents! 

Are you proud of your fantastic homemade bouquet? Take a picture and post it on your socials with #DIY and win a month of free No Waste Friday bouquets! The winner will receive a personal message within a month.