We are the greenest e-florist in Europe and are proud to be part of Groenland BV. Within Groenland sustainability is anchored in the entire business. This manifests itself in a high degree of ecological awareness and social involvement. When making choices, we take the impact on people and the environment into account, with the aim of laying a sustainable foundation for the future.

We process organic and ecologically grown products as much as possible. We also operate from an extremely sustainable business premises on Green Park Aalsmeer.

All facts at a glance:

Around our building you will find a bee hotel, several insect hotels and a real bee population of over 30,000 bees. Our own beekeeper Lieke keeps a close eye on the well-being of the bees. Through the e•bee program we support our own bee colonies, provide new colonies and facilitate flower fields. We do this by not only promoting the bees, but also by reserving a small amount per bouquet sold. In this way everyone can contribute in a natural way to this beautiful and important initiative.

Floral paper
Our bouquets are wrapped in paper which is 100% made of flower waste. For our first production only rose waste from a Dutch grower was used, supplemented with cellulose from trees from the Ardennes. The ultimate goal is to use our own flower waste to produce the paper. Then the circle is complete.

No Waste Friday
Every Thursday and Friday we sell our No Waste Friday bunches. A large bunch of flowers that will not end up in the trash this way. In advance one does not know what one will get, and the flowers themselves must be arranged into bouquets or mono bunches. When all No Waste flowers of a week are sold out, we have reached our goal of Zero Waste!

Sustainable building
We work from an extremely durable building that consists of 100% reusable concrete and is equipped with a WTW unit. We use the residual heat from the cold stores and from the production halls to heat and cool the office spaces.

Solar panels
We only use sustainable (green) energy and therefore have no gas connection. The 4,730 solar panels on the roofs largely meet our electricity needs.

Electric driving
With over 60 charging stations we encourage colleagues and partners to drive electrically to and from work, suppliers and customers. Our temporary workers are also transported electrically with vans that run on self-generated electricity. And we can visit some of our customers and suppliers on our electric fat-bikes.

Water and waste recycling
We are self-sufficient in our water needs. Rainwater is collected and filtered for the flowers and the waste water is purified and reused for the toilets in our building. We carefully sort waste to be able to reuse it. In our production area, for example, we have a cardboard press and conveyor belt for cardboard flower packaging. We have more than achieved our goal to reduce our plastic use by 50% by 2020.

Sedum roofs
On the roofs around our building 140 m² of durable sedum roof has been placed. These roofs provide good isolation, contribute to lower CO2 emissions and absorb fine dust. The same goes for the large trees around our premises.

We work transparently with our suppliers and know the origin of our products. Also in the application of the other materials we know exactly where it comes from and how it was produced. Our growers and other suppliers are selected with the greatest care. Everything is fresh and sustainable and focused on as little waste as possible and a neutral carbon footprint. All this is also reflected in the certificates we have obtained. Such as: ISO 9001:2015 + ISO 14001:2015 + Global G.A.P. CoC + GGN label + FSC + MPS Florimark trade + Fairtrade + Amfori BSCI. We are also affiliated with the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) since 2019.